Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A setback in my recovery-from one of my other addictions!

After going home early from work with a major headache I got in a good nap and finally watched Australia. (I have been meaning to watch it for forever, I was crying like a baby at some parts-such a sweet movie!) Kev had a friend over to play video games on Friday night so I went out to run a few errands (I should have cleaned the house...but I still wasn't feeling great, and that didn't sound like fun-however that means it never got done, because the rest of my weekend was filled to the brim and overflowing!)

I ended up coming home with a bit of fabric...
some buttons for a project I need to work on...
a new book...
and I had a little set back in my recovery program from my DVD buying addiction!
Blockbuster was having some great sales on their previously viewed DVD's and I went just a little crazy. (three sets of 3 for $20, a set of 4 for $20, 1 movie that was $1.99 and 2 foreign films at $3.99 each) I have only seen one of these movies (Troop Beverly Hills...memories of a slumber party when I a girl come to mind!) so I am not sure if any of them will be good, but when they aren't much more than renting, how can you say no? I obviously still have a long way to go in this recovery program!! At least I know I have a problem!!
However, since I had blown my budget at Blockbuster, I knew I absolutely could not spend more money that weekend...which was a good thing since Sunday I was at a fantastic little quilt shop with some
fabrics! So although it wasn't a good thing to have spent so much on movies, I could have done a LOT more damage to my budget in the fabric shop!! (More about that in another post, like yesterday, I think today will be a day of many posts!)

Thursday I had picked up a new TV stand, which Kev and I had picked out when we went shopping the weekend before. It is from here and is perfect for what we needed! (While we were there we fell in love with this, but I would have to completely redecorate the house to match it! It is not at all what we would normally look at!) (Yes, that is the cardboard corner pieces from when it was boxed up-they are gone now, but we had left them on there to make moving it easier!)
Our other TV stand will find a new home upstairs...which means I need a different dresser-since mine will be too wide once we get the new stand upstairs. Does anybody know of a good place to buy a cheap but nice chest of drawers?

Friday night I also worked a bit more on the batik quilt I am making for Marmee.I am still LOVING it!
(Even though I had to pick apart a few of the blocks-several times-before I got it right!!)

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Andy's Bethy said...

Oh my gosh - I hadn't seen that quilt yet. I LOVE it. Beautiful.
As for the addictions... you have a problem. But I still love you.