Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The To Do List...

My ever constant companion...my to do list...is not happy right now. I have left way to many things unchecked...
but time waits for no man and our time has come.
Vacation time that is!!
So if my house is dirty and our bushes need trimmed, and my home is in complete disarray...I will try not to think of these things, because...
Our bags are packed (well, mostly) and we are ready to go! (actually, as I write this I am in my p.j.'s still-but I am basically ready!)
We have to run a few last minute errands on our way to the airport and then...
Up, Up, & Away!
We have been planning this trip & looking forward to it for so long it is hard to believe it is finally here!!
I should have taken a picture of our bags. We are packing very light (well actually it is quite heavy to me-packing light is hard!!) so our bags are crammed to the max, but I am impressed with how little we did get it down to, we will see if I am still impressed after having to lug it around the whole trip!! I am hoping that will help keep me from buying things while we are gone...we are spending enough on the trip we don't need to spend more on things, but I have a feeling I will find a way if I find something I really love!!
P.S. I hope to be able to update you some along the way, but if not be prepared to get a million pictures and forever long posts when we get back!


Carrie said...

Bon Voyage, Turners!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

I pray you have a WONDERFUL trip!!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear of your adventures!!