Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Munich (München)

This morning (wait, I think I mean yesterday morning) was fun as we ran around getting all our last minute errands done before we left for Germany. I feel like we have been in the planning stage for so long it is hard to believe the time is actually here!!
Kev and I made it safely into Munich and Deitmar (Kevin's 2nd cousin once removed-or something like that) took us around the city siteseeing all day. It is only 6PM here (or I should say 18-like the locals) and we are exhusted!! It has been a REALLY LONG DAY!! (We didn't really get any sleep on the flight-well, I might have gotten a little-but not much and Kevin got zip, zero, zilch!)
The flight was nice, since we had an extra seat, (we were in the middle with three seats for the two of us) but my IC was acting up and I was pretty misrable for the trip. I think I used the bathroom more times on this flight than any other flight in my life-and I have been on a 20 hour flight before!! (And you were worth it South Africa-Oh how I loved thee!) I am not sure what happened, but finally, by the last two hours of the flight, I was feeling well enough to at least watch one movie...otherwise I was just laying down as best I could across the two seats (poor Kevin, he never gets the extra space when we are blessed with it) and trying hard not to wish I was home in my own bed instead of on a plane to Europe!! (Yeah, I just said that, now you know how bad I was feeling!! We are talking serious issues here!!)
Today we got into Munich's airport around 7:30AM local time and after freshening up at his house and meeting the rest of his family Deitmar drove us into Munich for the day where we did some site-seeing (AMAZING), shopping at a farmers market (so fun and I found some food I could eat) & ate outside at an outdoor beerpark. (I think that is what it was called.) It was a great day, but on the way back to Deitmars house Kevin and I were nodding off. We had been going non-stop all day after the long flight! (With a ton of walking-including a climb up St. Peter's Church Tower which had 305 or 304 steps-depending on if Kevin or I counted it right!!) We are both exhausted and my camera ran out of batteries before noon-how did I forget to charge that up?!? (Thankfully Kevin had his and we got a TON of pictures!)
We are back at Deitmar's house and Kevin is taking a little nap before dinner while I type this up. (Using a German keyboard by the way-it is harder than one would think! Since they have extra letters, not everything is in the same spot as at home!!)
I will try to log on again later tonight to post some of the pictures from our first day here in Germany!

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Andy's Bethy said...

I like the blog version. You are so adorable. Hope you are feeling better. Go to a doctor if you need to Emilee!