Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pleasant Home Giveaway

O.K. Sorry about this if you are not a sewing lover like me...but I



to blog about the great giveaway going on over at

Pleasant Home

because of that fact that this gives me


(oh yes, you read that right...ten!)

extra chances

to win!!

I love those extra chances! This could actually be my time to win! I believe it!!

If you like to sew at all (or want to simply drool over some amazing handmade things) you would love this blog as well.

Wish me luck y'all! I hope I win...I could totally use some new FREE fabric to play with!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday and have a wonderful Holiday weekend-in case I am not back on here again until after the weekend. (We are camping for the Holiday weekend!!)


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...


Andy's Bethy said...

Have fun camping, and good luck with the winning.