Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on our time in Germany so far

Neuschwanstein Castle 9\17
Here are the start of the pictures from Salzberg 9\18
(Ingrid and Micki)

(beautiful gate into a beautiful cemetary)


(Mozarts birthplace)

(Kevin and Micki goofing off outside the museum at the top of the mountain we went to for some great views of the city-which the parking deck was built inside the mountain!!!)

(The bride to be getting Kevin's phone number!)

(Sorry this is blurry-this was a pretty bridge in the town where Silent Night was written)
The Octoberfest Parade in Munich 9\20

(The second from the right is Kevin's great aunt Ingrid)

(Kevin and Deitmar in one of the beer tents at Octoberfest)

So we have been busy little travelers since my last post, and haven't had internet access, so I wanted to post some more pictures while I had the chance. (You never know when you will have internet access while on vacation-especially overseas!) God has been hearing your prayers and I will beg to have those continued so that we can enjoy this beautiful world (and some of the most amazing churches!!) on this trip-because trust me it is hard to appreciate anything when all you can think about is finding the next bathroom and hoping you have enough Euro's to make it through the day! (Since you usually have to pay to use the restroom in Europe!) Today we saw the big Octoberfest opening parade in Munich (M√ľnchen) and came back to Deitmar's house, yesterday we were supposed to see the Bavarian forest but I wasn't feeling well and Kevin had a stomach ache, so instead we stayed home (Ingrid's house) and just visited with his family, and Friday we (Ingrid, Micki, Kevin & I) went to Salzberg! (LOVED IT!) We actually got stuck in a small town (village) right across the border back into Germany on our way home. (It is where the song Silent Night was written) Apparently Ingrid accidentally put unleaded gas in her car that is supposed to take deisel! (They have two cars and one takes unleaded gas and the other takes deisel and she always gets them confused!!) She had mostly deisel in there, but put about 16 liters of unleaded in before she realized it. Afterwards she just went on with it and wasn't worried, well when we stopped for dinner at that small town, the car wouldn't start again for us to leave. After waiting for awhile in the car Kevin took part in a local Bachelorette party...then we took a walk over the beutiful bridge, and got Kevin some cake (while waiting for the tow truck) when the car decided to start (Yay!) and we drove on home!! (Back to Ingrid's) Adventures in traveling is what we do!! Well, I didn't mean to write so much because I wanted to post some pictures so I better get to it!!


Carrie said...

I am loving your pictures! Thanks for taking the time to post them.
Is the bachelorette thing some kind of tradition?
I love the photo of you two on the balcony thing. Gorgeous! Glad you are having a great time and feeling better!

Andy's Bethy said...

Beautiful pics. I love the catacombs, and the pic of Kevin and Micki goofing off with the statue.
The boys and I are praying for ya'll every day. HAVE FUN!