Monday, April 27, 2009

A wedding and a funeral...

O.K. So funeral might be a little harsh...but a dream that I have had since childhood (one of my big adventures for this year) something I have been constantly thinking about for the last few weeks is officially over for me. I have been so excited about this huge adventure. A dream that I have had since I was a girl becoming a reality but over the weekend I came to the devestating solution that I was overextending myself and I was not at a point in my life to see it to completion. I am not saying my dream it dead, oh no, I have many hopes for this dream still. It is just at a stand still right now. There are times in your life when you have to make a huge decision, both options have their benifits and downsides, and when you reach these crossroads you cannot make the decision lightly as to which path to choose. I have struggled over this one these last few days, and finally realized that I had to take the route that at first glance was not the one I wanted. I am especially saddened by this decision because I am afriad I have disappointed people along the way. I HATE to disappoint anyone, but especially people I am close to! So that is why I feel that I should be wearing black and mourning for awhile, but I don't want to end on a sour note so on to better news...

The wedding! Keith, who is pictured below, (which I am sure he will hate me for posting but somehow it is the only shot I have of him! I need to work on actually taking my camera out of the camera bag and getting shots. I didn't aket one picture during the actual wedding!!) gave away his daughter on Saturday. It was a cute ceremony in the old theater in downtown Dallas and it was full of personality and spunk. I love a wedding to SCREAM who the couple is and I think this one did a great job at that!
(Jan was all smiles-too bad I didn't catch the picture when she was making a funny face-me and my slow camera hand-again...I need lots of practice with my skills!!)
(Kevin and I finally got a shot that worked-it took about 6 to get the flash to work and both be actually looking at the camera! Kevin kept looking away-what is it with guys and not wanting to get their picture taken?)
(Mom and dad-she wanted a new shot for her facebook page, I guess that means I am going to have to upload these for her!)
The same evening as the wedding, there was a car show in downtown Dallas, so we skipped out of the reception early-Kevin was one happy hubby-and walked around the car show. We got pictures next to our favorites.
(Mom and I next to one that reminded her of her Grandpa's when she was a girl!)

(Here is dad next to one he thought was nice!)

(Kev and I in front of the Shelby-which when looking through later he was so upset that you can't see the enitre car-dad took the picture for us and cut off the car because he was concentrating on us-at least it seems to be a pretty good shot of us so I still love the picture!)
(With my Mustang (although I want a blue one with white stripes) and yes that is a truck beside it that is on such jacked up wheels there is a ladder to get in with-you can tell we are in Paulding county!)
And last big news of the weekend! Kevin stayed super busy all day on Sunday putting together my kitchen floors. Praise the Lord it's a miracle-they went down and all we need to do now is put down the quarter round and seal the seams!! (After over three months of having them partially put down-I was going mad!!-it is such a relief and joy to have them nearly complete!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of happy moments and wonderful memories! Hopefully no one else had to make such a hard and heartbreaking decision, but if you did then remember to concentrate on the happy moments, because that's what is really important! If you remember-I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart...then everything else will pale in comparison to that love and joy and acceptence you feel!


Andy's Bethy said...

My Emie, I am sorry that right now you are not getting to live your dream. Remember that right now is not forever... keep your creative spirit alive and strong little sister. It is so beautiful to watch and inspires me so very often. Give it freedom - don't let your creativity be discouraged, just because details are not working out right now.

The cars are cool, and the pics are fun, and I very much enjoy having the joy joy joy down in my heart. Thanks for sharing yours with me! I love you.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh my goodness. we were down there when the wedding was first starting and I was SO worried about it....that's what I do, I worry..Thad laughed at me. But when were in a little shop the owner mentioned her concern that she had seen a wedding scheduled and didn't know if the coordinators had realized that Dallas would be closed because of the car show. I'm so glad it went well!! As we were leaving there were a lot of people in the theater staring out the windows...ha ha!!

Sorry about your dream being slowed.. all in God's timing right?! It will all work out and I pray that it will be that much better when the time is just right for you!!