Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hahira visit and girl's night fun!

Last Friday Dad, Kevin and I left work early to try to beat the worst of the Atlanta traffic down to Hahira to help Betsy move. Andy and Bethany's house sold and so we helped her get everything moved out so they could close on the house. It's around a four hour trip down to her place and after we got there we stayed up for awhile helping her finish up with the packing. All day Saturday we packed up all her furniture and boxes to move to a storage unit while Andy's gone and I cleaned the house. Thank goodness she had some wonderful friends there to help us or we would have been working all weekend! Saturday night we loaded up our truck and Betsy's truck with the stuff she would need while staying at mom and dad's, good thing we had tarps because it rained on us almost the whole way up to Adairsville. When we got in, around midnight or so, mom and Mary (who is home for this week on spring break) helped us unload the truck and we all crashed there for the night. Sunday we slept in and then all visited over a late breakfast. It was nice to have us all at home together. If Andy, Travis and Kelsey had been there, we would have had the whole family there!! (We missed ya!) Sunday night we had our friends Chad & Lisa & little Payton (who is 2 months and loves to smile-so cute!) over to watch a movie and hang out.

This week it was back to work as normal. They did finally get the flooring down at work (we had a flood over the holidays and the have been redoing it since then and it has been such and mess and driving me crazy!) so I am trying to get my office put back together. Tuesday night Mare, Natalie and I had a girls night and got our nails done (It has been forever since I had a mani pedi) and then watched a movie. Wednesday Mary Cowan, Kelli, Mare & I met at Sweet Tomatos in Town Center to eat and visit as well. I love having girl time!! This weekend I have to get the guys out to work on Saturday morning and then we going to see the King Tut exhibit. We are then meeting Kevin's mom Barbara and Micki (Kevin's grandma) at Sweet Tomatos for an early birthday dinner (Barb's birthday is Monday) and then up to Cartersville to see Act 1's production of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Too bad I am so exhusted, who knows when we will catch up on sleep since we have a full weekend!!


Andy's Bethy said...

Thanks again for all your help last weekend. I totally owe you. I am really excited about this weekend too. The play is going to be fabulous. See ya then!

Travis & Kelsey said...

Busy, busy, sounds like the life of a Binkley girl. Sounds like soo much fun too. All your girls time sounded especially fun. How is Mary Cowan by the way? Love you!!!!!!