Monday, March 23, 2009

A busy Saturday

Making pyramids out of ourselves!

Saturday was a full and fun-filled day! We met my parents, Betsy & the boys and Mary at the Atlanta Civic Center to see the King Tut Exhibit. Kevin & I both have always had a huge interest in Egypt-we really hope to visit someday!! It was a great exhibit, I really liked looking at the jewelry-I don't know how they wore those earrings-they were huge and looked killer to me!! I walked through with Canaan, so mainly he just wanted to know if the statues where a girl or boy and try to find a picture (hieroglyph) of a bird on it! It's pretty fun doing things with a 5 year old, he and I have about the same attention span so that worked out well!

With my Marmee!!
Kevin didn't want to take a picture-so I tried to kiss him!!
Pharaoh Pharaoh!!
Mary was supposed to be doing what the picture behind us was-she wouldn't cooperate!

We all went out to the Varsity for lunch afterward. It was a first time for Canaan and Zion so we had to get pictures to commemorate the event!! It is a classic Atlanta experience, so it was fun to be there with the boys. They were not too impressed with the hats and took them off right away-Zion wouldn't even keep it on for the picture!! I always loved wearing the hat!

Varsity Chili dogs, a slaw dog, fries & onion rings! -classic cause of heartburn and indigestion within moments of eating-but a must when in Atlanta!!
Kev & Betsy
Mr. C & me
Dad & Zi
Mr. C (Hamming it up in his Varsity hat!!)

(Betsy, I only used about half the photos so you could post the others on your blog-or you can post them all-either way!!)

Kevin and I went put-put golfing after lunch (he beat me!) to fill our time until we met with Kevin's mom Barbara, his step dad Larry and his Grandma Micki for an early dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. (Barbara's Birthday celebration-her birthday is actually today!!) Then all of us, except Larry, drove up to Cartersville to watch the Act 1 production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The kids did a great job and the costumes were amazing!!! It was a great day over all and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Sunday I woke up feeling pretty bad (allergies/cold/something has been coming on for days now) so I tried to take it pretty easy and just did some stuff around the house get things together for the Menlow Station Easter Egg Hunt in a couple weeks. I've got a lot to do in the next two weeks to be ready! (Why do I always save everything for the last minute!!!)


Carrie said...

Love the photos! Is this really the first time they had eaten at the Varsity?!?! Or, do you just mean the "Atlanta" one. I know my kids have eaten at the Kennesaw one several times...
I would like to see this much was it?

Andy's Bethy said...

I used some of the same pics, and some different ones... Thanks for taking them, and sharing them, and for just being a fabulous sister, and aunt to my boys!
That was a fun day! Love ya!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said... call two weeks away putting off til the last minute??! Now spend some time around here and you'll see last minute :-) hee hee!!

I hate we are going to miss it, we're going to be out of town...boohoo!! the kids will be SO bummed!!! I hope it goes great. I will try to bring some eggs to you anyway!!