Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh the joys of hormones

So, it appears my body is not responding to the Follistim this time. I have been taking the 50 unit dose since last Thursday and although my lining is looking nice, no eggs are growing and my Estrogen level hasn't gone up at all. (I guess I should have known since I haven't been out of temper or anything!!) So they said to up the dosage to 75 units and I am due back in again on Thursday. So now the question is how much more Follistim do I want to order? I just got in a 300 unit pen insert today, but that will only last 4 days now that I am taking 75 units, so I guess I will need to order more, especially since they charge for shipping when it is done on the weekends, so I will want more in before then!!

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andysbethy said...

It seems there is always a decision to be made, isn't there!? I guess get extra is a better plan. Better more than not enough, right?
Keep us posted. Love ya!