Sunday, October 12, 2008

A little bit of growth!

So it looks like one egg is finally starting to grow! Woohoo! I will know more when they call with the blood work results this afternoon, but for now the Dr. is thinking I will go in again on Tuesday morning and then we will see if we are about ready for another IUI!! Please pray that it continues to grow. It was only at 15 (and another small one at 11) and I think they really like to see it in the 20's before I ovulate!! Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!! I know God works everything out in His own perfect timing, but I am also a firm beliver in the power of prayer!!

Side note: Our neighborhood had their Halloween Custome Parade and a movie night (Nightmare Before Christmas) last night and it was great. The costumed little ones were adorable!! We really had a great turn out. The weather was a little iffy (there were a few times I felt some sprinkles) but it turned out beautful and I think everyone had a great time!! God is so good!!


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Everyone did have a great time Emilee thanks to your efforts. It was a blast! I enjoyed chatting with you a bit last night.
I am so excited to hear of the progress and will most definitely be praying for more positive results over the coming days!!

mom0ktdid said...