Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wicked tickets!!

No, I am not trying to sound British by saying the tickets I got are wicked awesome-even though they are! Mom & I have tickets for Wicked!! The show will be here in Atlanta (at the Fox) next month!! I am soooo excited!! When I heard they were coming to town we talked about getting tickets, but then didn't get it done, so I was so glad there were still seats available when I looked online yesterday and I ordered two for mom & I. (Just the cheapest one's I could find, and still this is going to be an expensive date, but totally worth it!!)

Also.....I found out a couple day's ago, when I had to call my nurse about something else, that I don't have to go in tomorrow for the progesterone level test. Since my level was so low last time they already have me taking some progesterone, so I will just go in for the pregnancy test next Saturday(9/27). It is nice that I don't have to spend the money for the extra test, but now I won't know anything until the 27th. That seems like such a long wait from now. However, this week is almost over, this weekend will be busy with a wedding I am helping with, and then next week is work as usual & we will be getting mom & dad at the airport on Thursday, so hopefully there will be enough to keep me occupied so I don't go crazy waiting for the results!! Keep praying!!!


Abigail said...

oh how wonderful! i would love to see wicked!

still prayin.

andysbethy said...

I am jealous... I want to come too. Maybe next time....
We are praying Em. One day at a time, okay.
I will try to call you tonight if I get a chance. I know you will be busy all weekend. It is so weird without Mom around. She keeps me filled in on what everyone else is doing. I feel a little out of the loop on the rest of ya'll right now! It is not like I can't call you myself...I just tend to fall asleep by the time you get home from work!