Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This mornings Dr. Appt...

So I spoke to mom, Kevin, my boss, pretty much everyone about how I think these drugs are getting to me because all I really want to do is curl up in bed with a good book and not think about anything else. Every little thing seems to upset me, or frustrate me and I am used to being a go with the flow, "whatever," it's all good kind of gal. Kevin thinks it is all in my head-his usual response to anything I say is wrong with me, mom believed me, David (my boss) said it sounds like I am already pregnant to him and he feels sorry for Kevin if that is how I will be for 9 months, and Scott (a co-worker) said he would just stay out of my way! The joys of the journey to motherhood!
However, today I am all smiles (although I still get frustrated VERY easily) I am so happy today after my Dr. appt because my lining has improved since Sunday and two follicles (eggs) have grown. One is at 13 and another at 15 and I need one at around 24 I think before it is ready, so after they get my blood work back they are supposed to call me this afternoon and let me know if I need to keep the same dosage or not, and when I need to come back in to see if we are ready for the shot that will make me ovulate or not! (O.K. so I got the call and they said my estrogen level went up to 172, still not where it needs to be, but improving, so I am due back Thursday morning to check it all again!) I am really feeling SOOOOOO encouraged today! I really believe this is going to work! Of course I don't want to get on too much of a high in case it doesn't work again, but this cycle is going so much better than the one I did with the specialist with Clomed, and the three I did with my regular OBGYN using Clomed.
I actually got the pictures from the ultrasound when I was at the Dr. of my lining and follicles so I think I will try to post them, it is kinda cool! The human body is such an amazing thing and the process that our bodies go through each month is mind blowing. You start you cycle in your teens and live with it for ten years without ever really understanding it all! I don't know if I am the only one or not, but before this happened to me (infertility) I never really put a lot of thought into how the whole process works, and I got to tell you it is a miracle when everything works out perfectly to create a baby!
(Note: I couldn't figure out how to get the picture posted because the scanner at work is a pdf file and you can't upload that to this blog so sorry, no picture unless I figure out another way to get it posted!)

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