Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I took my first shot last night!!

So.....I will be honest, I was a little nervous about taking my first shot. Growing up with a diabetic in the house I am used to being around needles, but I never had to give MYSELF the shot so I knew this was going to be different. In fact, I have always hated having my finger pricked and blood taken at the Dr. (However-I am constantly getting my blood drawn now-so I think I am over that!!) So leading up to the event I was confidant (or at felt that I was) about the entire process. As it got closer I began to get worried that when I went to actually stick myself with this needle I might loose the nerve. (By the way, Kevin said he would in NO WAY be able to help me with this-he HATES needles.)
So after yesterday's Dr. appointment I tried to ignore the thought that I will eventually have to go home and give myself the shot. Since you are supposed to try to take the shot around the same time every evening I went ahead and did the shot at 8PM when I got home, because that is a common time-frame for me to make it home in the evenings. After putting the little pen together (The shot I have to take everyday is in this cool pen that holds the cartridge of medicine and you just stick in a needle at the top for each shot and twist the bottom of the pen to move the scale to the desired amount that you need and then stick yourself and push in the bottom of the pen until it is back to zero!-The shot I have to take later is a bit more complicated, but I only do that one once!) I had to clean a little area of skin with an alcohol swab (I think Betsy only did that the first few years, later she got really laid back about the whole thing and now she is on the pump) pinch up some fat (I take the shot on my stomach-so no problems finding fat there, a few years ago it would have been hard to find any fat there, but now there is plenty!) and stick myself.
At that moment, right before contact between the needle and my skin I panicked just a little-What am I doing? Why am I intentionally poking myself with a needle? AHHHHHH!-but then I relaxed, stuck it in and pushed in the medicine. I am on the lowest dose they give right now, so it only took a second and I pulled it out. I don't think I even really felt it. WHAT A RELIEF!! A little while after the injection site was a little red and I was sore, but overall a SUPER EASY process and I felt silly for worrying about it at all!
Now, it is the next afternoon and I still feel a little sore in that area of my stomach so I guess I will just kinda choose a new little spot everyday and work my way across my stomach so that one area doesn't get too sore. The actual taking of the shot wasn't hard or painful, but now that I know I will be sore afterward I am still a little nervous about doing this for a long period of time. (Betsy I have a whole new respect for you!!) Hopefully I only have to do this one cycle!!


mom0ktdid said...

Wow. I would totally be so nervous about giving myself a shot! Sounds like you did great. Also, I don't have an obsession with the internet, I just happened to check it at opportune times the past couple of days!
I am really enjoying keeping up with your story...
(Corey claims we really do have that many DVDs, which is quite embarrassing...I am demanding a recount!)

andysbethy said...

Good job Em! Trust me, it gets easier. Although, every once in a rare while, I still get that crazy mental pause, right before I jab myself, when my brain goes "wait.... what do you think you are doing???" And I have had almost 17 years of experience. So, don't feel bad if your brain freezes up on you for a second!

Kelsey and Travis said...

So great to talk to you yesterday!!!! We got our internet working again thank goodness.

I hope that your shots are doing alright. I know that you said they had been hurting a little more recently.