Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sister's Night Out Fun!

Tuesday evening I met two of my beautiful sisters for movie! (They graciously drove over to my side of town to meet me for a movie that was in limited release, and happened to be fairly close to me!)

We did a bit of shopping, (But I didn't spend a dime, even though I found an adorable jacket for ten dollars at TJ MAX-I am trying to get better about spending money unnecessarily...I just LOVE finding a good deal!) then headed over to the theater where the movie was showing.

We went to see From Prada to Nada. It is a modern take on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. There were a TON of changes, but I think it made a nice updated version of the story. It wasn't Austen, and the acting wasn't great, but it was a cute story and it was perfect for a girls night out! (Especially since we found out Tuesday is $5 movie day at the theater we went to! Yeah Baby!!!)

Some of the changes in this movie included the fact that there was no Mrs. Dashwood or Margaret, Nora (Elinor) was very opinionated and didn't mind sharing her ideas with whoever she was around, and Mary (Marianne) was just a spoiled little rich girl with no idea of reality. There was a long lost half brother Gabriel (John Dashwood) they never knew about until at their father's funeral (who turns out he is actually a good guy, just married the wrong girl in Olivia.) We have an Edward Ferris (Edward Ferrars) brother to Olivia-their long lost brother's wife who NO ONE likes! He is a lawyer and although looks too young, apparently is pretty far up on the food chain at his job. (Where Nora gets a job to help make ends meet after their father's death.) An Aunt Aurelia, sister to their long deceased mother (kinda takes the roles of Sir John Middleton and Mrs. Jennings) who provides the girls a home when they move out of their home that Olivia has taken over since their father was actually bankrupt at his death and they couldn't afford to keep anything. Bruno (Colonel Brandon) their Aunt's neighbor (played by Wilmer Valderrama-Fez from That 70's Show!) Willoughby's character was there in the form of a teacher's assistant in one of Mary's classes who gets Mary excited about learning-because she is infatuated with him! I can't remember his character name in the movie, he was a rich foreign "hot" guy and smooth talker (turns out married man!) so was a good representation of a modern Willoughby. (Although in my opinion, Wilmer Valderrama is way hotter than this guy was!)

To make it modern, things are done a bit differently, but you still get the basic storyline from Sense and Sensibility and so I was pleased. I would say it is worth a rent for a girls night, especially if you go in not expecting too much from the acting, but a nice little happy ending story. I was glad it was only $5, but I wouldn't have been upset having paid full price for it, because it was a fun night with my sisters!

We went out for dessert after the movie at a little place called Stella's in the same center as the movie theater. We had a good time, and enjoyed our girl time...we missed Kels though, wish you could have been there!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Hmmm - Iphone pics leave something to be desired. Still, that was a fun night. Sisters nights always are!