Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I wasn't home much this weekend.
Saturday we decided to drive up to North Georgia and look at a few mountain homes. It has been a dream of mine to own a lake or mountain home for a long time...so we thought we would see what was out there with the market being in the slump that it is right now!) Kevin's mom went with us, and then we all went to my parents for dinner so it was a full day, but I really loved one of the properties we looked at! It is super cabiny (do you like my made up word there?) and has a homey feel to it. (A tin roof and everything!!) So cute! We will see if the dream becomes a reality or not...purchasing a second home is a HUGE decision so we will have to think long and hard on this one!! (But wouldn't it be so much fun to decorate!?!)

Sunday we took the jet skis out...one of them was working great, until we hit the major wake from a boat...then it decided it didn't want to get to full power anymore...the second one (the one that hasn't worked since we bought it) still wasn't working properly...at least it started-that is an improvement! We did still have fun being out on the lake together and just took turns on the one that was working better!
(I am trying to decide it I want to write the name of the place we bought these at on here. A big part of me wants to write about how corrupt they are everywhere I can...I feel it is my responsibility to warn others about their lack of a moral compass-tricking the unsuspecting (those who are not knowledgeable in the mechanics of jet skis) into buying CRAP...but I don't want to do it while I am feeling angry, because then it will just sound rude. (ie: see what I just said...so NOT me to be so hateful...I probably should just delete this post!)

On to other news:
Here is a look at what I did end up finding time for in the sewing room over the weekend...I started the quilting on my flag quilt! The photo shows the seam ripping action going on when I tried to "guesstimate" a straight line...(Really what was I thinking?)...after one line I quickly learned my lesson and used some blue painters tape to help make actual straight lines, or at least as straight I as I am going to be able to get them with my patience level! I got a few lines done, but have a long ways to go still. This is a pretty big quilt for me since I normally just do small baby quilts! (Machine quilting it may be a challenge since it is bigger, but so far it is still small enough that I haven't had any issues with it in my small machine!) I only have a few weeks to get it quilted because I want to give to to G&G Binks when we go up to Indy on the Sept 10-12 weekend. (They are moving and it is my housewarming gift for them.)


Andy's Bethy said...

Andy says that if you really just feel the need to buy stuff, like a cabin, he is sure he could come up with something he wants too - just saying.
I wish I could go to G&G's with you. They are going to love the quilt, especially since it is so YOU, and you have always been G'ma's favorite. I still can't remember if I ever even mailed Granddad's birthday card this year. I swear I am losing my memory totally. Oh well.
Be sure to take a pic of the quilt before you give it away. I can't wait to see it.

Carrie said...

SO COOL to be looking at a vacation property! How very "grown up" ha ha! :)

Angela Walters said...

Great idea to use the tape to keep your lines straight. I am going to have to try that!