Thursday, February 11, 2010


Wow, this week has flown by. It is already Thursday and I am still writing about the weekend. (Well, or maybe it was just a really full weekend!!)

Sunday was a great day! I drove over to Intown Quilters for the first meeting of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild. It was great to meet some local ladies with fabulous crafting talent. I am excited to see what comes from this new guild. These ladies are all so talented, I hope some of their amazing-ness rubs off on me!! I forgot to get a picture of us all together as a group, but here are a couple shots I took during our meeting.We are a small group, but we are just starting out, so I am sure we will grown over time. Just check out some of those amazing quilts hanging in the background...I was in awe!! (And as I mentioned in an earlier post, thanks to my relapse in my DVD buying addition, I was able to walk out of that amazing quilt shop without spending a single dollar!!)

After the meeting I met Mom, Dad & Kels at the Princess Diana Exhibit that is in town right now.
It was so neat to see. I have always loved Princess Di. I think it goes back to the story my mom would tell me about being up to nurse me, so she stayed up and watched the wedding on TV. Therefore I always felt a connection with mom and me and Princess Di. It was a really neat exhibit with some great history about her growing up, her charitable work, and more. The last room of the exhibit is a collection of her clothes. Some of those dresses had amazing beading work on them! (I will say I am glad I wasn't old enough to care about fashion in the 80's and early 90's because, in my personal was plain scary people!!) But looking at her array of clothing reminded how much I really do love fashion-even though anyone who see's me on a daily basis would think that was a lie...I tend to live in what is comfortable-I really do love a great outfit. Especially if that outfit can be put with a pair of cute yet comfortable shoes! (I would live in flip flops year round if I could, but GA temps don't allow me to do that! I will have to do a post on some of my great clothing deals sometime soon!)

Which brings me to the first comic in Sunday's paper.(In case you can't read it, it says... girl on left: "So your bedroom is now your closet and your closet is now your bedroom." girl on right: "I finally got my priorities straight!")


I want to get it framed!!

After the exhibit Kels and I ran to IKEA (looking for a dresser-saw some fun stuff, but nothing I had to come home with) and the grocery store (where Breyers ice cream was on sale!!) and then back home to watch the Super Bowl with our guys. When we got home we found them working on Travis' car, and then when we got back from picking up the pizza they were playing a video game...I guess the game wasn't on the top of their list either, but by the final quarter we were in to it and really watching the game. (I will admit I liked this Doritos commercial. My sister & my hubby thought it was lame, but Travis and I were laughing!) I was cheering for the Colts, since I was born in Indy, but since I don't really watch football I was still able to be happy for the Saints when they won! (I was sad for the Colts, but that is just because I don't like to see anybody lose!)


Anonymous said...

You just made us all famous for posting that. Awww!

mary beth said...

I love that you are in a quilting group! It is something that I dream of being able to do'll have to post photos of your work! :)