Friday, December 11, 2009


I woke up at 5AM this morning!


(Of course I was working early this morning, which means I went to bed early, and my alarm would be going off at 5:45 anyhow.)

I was lying in bed, wide awake and decided I must have overslept, or perhaps my alarm was about to go off, so I went ahead and got up so I could look at the clock to see what time it was (Kevin can't sleep with the light from the clock, so he places it face down at night so that the light from the numbers don't bother him) and it was only 5! Oh, well!! I went ahead and got up and got ready, slowly, but still it was just after 5:30 when I was all ready to go, so I decided to come on into work early.

Why did I wake up so early you ask? (or if you don't ask, too bad, I am going to tell you anyhow!!)

Because I am like a kid on Christmas morning!!

I am soooooooo excited about my surprise date tonight!!

(I will let you know what it was...hopefully this date night lives up to the suspense!!)

Also, here are a few pictures from Wednesday night (mom's birthday) when we all met up for dinner while the Grandparents were coming through town on their way to Florida.(Oops, I guess I didn't end up getting any pictures of Kevin...he was there as well!!)

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Andy's Bethy said...

I can't wait to hear about the date.
It is really hard to get pics of Kevin. I think he deliberately hides from the camera! Looks like ya'll had a good gathering for Mom's b'day. Wish I could have been there.