Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas is in the air...

It's beginning to seem a lot like Christmas around here.

Not really because of the weather,

it isn't really that cold here yet, which is normal...(this is GA),

but because it is




Kelsey and I started singing Christmas songs on the way home from Valdosta last weekend, and Kevin and I watched a couple Christmas movies this week. (Starting with The Muppets Christmas Carol, I think we have 3-4 versions of A Christmas Carol so we have to start with one of them so that we can space them out in between all the other movies!) As anyone who personally knows me, or reads my blog would know, we are big movie people. We have to get started early with our holiday movie watching or we won't get them all watched. (Which in reality, we still never get started early enough to get them all watched. We have over 30 and I don't even own several of my fav's from when I was a child!!)

Another reason why it is starting to really feel like Christmas around here is that I started working on my Christmas swap blocks!! (I needed a break from the pile of WIP's that need January will be here before you know it and that is when the swap blocks are due!!)

Here are some pictures of the Christmas fabric I am playing with!
Oh, and guess what my dear hubby did on Tuesday night?!?

Did you guess?

Did you guess bring home some beautiful flowers for me?

If you did then you are right!

What a sweetheart! I absolutely LOVE them!!

(And yes, that is a huge glass beer stein they are in, I don't own any large vases, so that is what my flowers always get put in...even though it isn't beautiful, I really like it because it is big and thick and sturdy!)

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!


Andy's Bethy said...

Those are beautiful!!
Two days in a row Andy has come home and said, "I meant to stop and get you flowers today... but I decided to just come home instead."
Since he is working 12 hour shifts, I will take the time with him over the flowers, but flowers should would be nice too. I will just enjoy yours.

Mandi said...

Those are lovely flowers, Em! What a sweet husband you have.

I would totally be willing to accept the sweater you mentioned, if your offer still stands. Thank you so much!

Let's try and get together soon, even if it's just for a bit.