Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A challenge and a giveaway!

I have been keeping crazy busy working on our trip pictures (I got them put together into two photo books, but think I may need to do some more weening out of the pictures because they are almost $100 each-I really wasn't planning on spending $200 on photo books from our trip!! (The costs for this trip just keep growing and growing-but it is worth it!! It was soooooo wonderful!!)

Fall is finally here and the leaves are changing color & everything is so beautiful! I love this time of year!
We have had a ton of rain recently, but this week has been great so far and the weather channel (like they know what they are talking about-but when they are saying the weather will be good I like to believe them!!) says it is going to be nice all week!
Woo-hoo!!The only problem is that because of daylight savings I have to drive home in the dark each evening-that is no fun!! I always feel exhausted at the end of the day, especially when I have to drive home in the dark, all I want to do is curl up with a good book, or watch some t.v. and go to bed when I get home!!I took these pictures while driving into work one day last week and this morning! (not really the best pictures since I was driving while I took them-I wouldn't suggest trying that!!-but I really wanted to show how pretty my drive into work is right now!!)

Today is actually Kevin's birthday and I don't have anything for him. We just got back from an amazing vacation, and we had talked about not really doing much for the rest of the year since we spent so much on that-but now that his birthday is here I feel terrible not having a gift, so I will have to see if I can get off work early and pick him up something!!

O.K. So now to the challenge and the giveaway!!

Tallgrass Prairie Studio has started a challenge for finishing up your unfinished projects you have in your sewing room before the new year.I have a ton, so I thought I should join in & hopefully it will give me the motivation to finish at least a few of them!! I think with the quilt tops I made over the last two weeks I have at least 10 unfinished quilts in my sewing room!!! I will be keeping busy!!! (But, I am teaching myself how to machine quilt, so that should make it possible to at least get a few of them finished!!!)

Block Party is starting a quilt a long and to celebrate and have a proper kick off to the event they are having a giveaway!
I wanted in on the chance of winning some of that gorgeous fabric, and here is a link to go check them out so that you can try to win too!!

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Corrie said...

oh no that is too much of a challenge for me! I'm good now but have a lot of WIP's, too many before Christmas!

wishing you lots of lucky making babies. It was a struggle for me to have mine and I've had to take drugs and tests but now have 3 aodrable babies and 1 in heaven and its a hard road but oh so worth it! keeping you in my prayers and wishing you lots of good luck on your journey!