Friday, October 2, 2009


Here is a selection of pictures from my camera of our time in Rome
At the train station in Venice
A shot of some of the pretty countryside we went through on the way
Our first evening in Rome we went for a walk (but nearly ALL of my pictures are blurry-so this is what you get!!)

On our first full day in Rome we had to see the Colosseum & Palantine Hill/Roman Forum. We ended up doing a TON of walking and saw the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain as well! Talk about a full day!!

(The lines in the posts near the top of these collumns is where the Christians who had taken over Rome at this time had tried to pull them down, (because it was a Pagan temple) but at the time they (the collumns) were so burried into the ground they were not budging, so instead they just built a church inside the temple collumns.

(Sadly this was closed while we were here, but this is where supposedly Paul and Peter were kept prisoners while in Rome-or at least for a time)

(More ruins...everywhere you turn in this city there are more Roman ruins laying around!!)
They had these tower things in front of most churches, not really sure why...I liked this one because there is an elephant on it!!

The Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

Every other street also seems to have at least one church and I loved that there are still cobblestone streets (but tons are paved as well, but there are still cobblestone ones too!)

The Spanish Steps (It was CRAZY busy today!!)
On our second full day in Rome we were going to try to get to Pompeii or go see the Catacombs, instead we kinda got off the map and wandered around the city (and into an area that Kevin wasn't thinking we should have been in!!) and had our own little adventure walking around Rome. But we eventually made it to see Circus Maximus, saw a big political rally or something, and another Roman landmark...The Mouth of Truth
The long line for the Mouth of Truth
(So I just stuck my camera through the fence and got a picture instead of waiting around to actually get myself in the picture with my hand in the had already been a long day at this point!!)

On our third, & last, full day in Rome we got up early and waited in line to see the Vatican City. Since it was the last Sunday of the month, entrance was free!

(It was SUPER crowded, but we were still all smiles at this point)

After what seems like FOREVER, and you are still being pressed along through rooms and hallways and staircases, and being even more crammed into a ton of people, we were feeling a little less happy! (However, I moved the camera as I was taking the shot of my aggrivated/staring-to-get-claustophobic face, so this is what you get! I think it adds to the drama of how we were feeling really!!)

On our walk back to the B&B we stoped at a castler (also free entry) (Which I wrote about all of this in my earlier blog entry, but here are a few pictures)

(I have to explain this shot because Kevin had wanted me to take the picture so it looked like he was holding the angel statue...however A)He didn't explain that to me, B)It was super crowded so I was just happy to catch a shot without someone walking between us, and C)Isn't the point of those shots to be kinda funny and isn't this shot REALLY funny since Kevin just looks like a goofball with his hands above his head!?! Man that makes me sound like a horrible wife!!)

We ended up walking by the Spanish steps again, and it was a LOT less crowded, so we got another shot today!


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

okay I totally laughed out loud about the shot with Kevin's hands over his head!! That's great!!! Love love loving the pictures!!

Natalie said...

I LOVED looking at your much of what you took brought back great memories. I loved Rome! I hope the rest of your trip is fun...which I'm sure it will be!! :)

Carrie said...

Hilarious story! That is cool that it was free day, but stinks that it made it SO crowded! It was like that here on Free Museum Day too! HA!

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, I do think Rome would be my favorite! So much amazing history there. You would not want to be there with me - I would want to read the entire guide book at every stop!
Love the shot of Kevin with his hands on his head. I am sure he loved it too! Haha