Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

We got home on Tuesday evening, (after a 10 1/2 hour flight and then about another 2 hours trying to get our luggage and get through all the customs security in the Atlanta airport to our car!!) and in a way our wonderful relaxing vacation already feels like a million years ago!!

We were able to get Wednesday off to try to get some errands ran, all the stuff for our neighborhood Halloween event set up and of course try to get the laundry done before starting back in the rat race on Thursday...where it has been full speed ever since! It turns out I had to work today (get the guys their work and out the door in the morning) which it is never fun to have to wake up early on a Saturday!! Plus while I was gone I had gotten a phone call from the wedding/events location in Cartersville (Stonewall Manor), where I had helped a friend with a wedding earlier this year, and they had a wedding this weekend they could use me for!! I am so excited!! I LOVE doing wedding coordinating!! However, it was a LONG day yesterday (work early and then the rehearsal late) and it will be a long day today with again work early and the wedding this evening...but, I LOVE it!!

I still haven't had the chance to look through Kevin's pictures, so I will have a busy day on Sunday trying to go through those and try to get a photo book ordered from Snapfish. (And then it is family night that evening because today is Travis' birthday, our good family friend Abby is in town, mom and dad leave for India (Oslo, Norway & Amsterdam, Netherlands too) on Monday, and Kev and I still haven't seen anyone (unless we work with you) since we got home!)

In other news...while I was gone (since I wasn't eating much at all-and we were doing a ton of walking) it turns out I did lose around 10 or so pounds. However, since we have been home I have been eating like a PIG and I think I may have already gained it all back!! (In 3 days!!) I guess I was making up for lost time eating everything I could get my hands on!!


Carrie said...

I really enjoyed reading each and every update you did on your trip! Glad you made it home safely!

Andy's Bethy said...

Mom said you lost a ton of weight. Eat something little sis!
Can't wait to see the photo album, but the pics I have seen so far look great.
Glad you got to do another wedding. Those are always fun for you. Plus, every bit of "practice" helps for someday when you and mom set up your business!