Sunday, April 19, 2009


Our camping weekend got cut a little short. After a busy week at work I was so excited about a weekend of camping, but due to the rain coming in we actually only stayed one night and I only read ONE chapter. (Normally I get a lot of reading done when camping, not so much this time!) 

Friday I took a long lunch and took Dad down to the High to see the terra cotta warriors exhibit since this is it's last weekend here in the ATL and we were going camping for the weekend. I got off a little early and threw a few things in a bag and some food in a cooler and we headed up to Red Top in Cartersville for a fun weekend of camping. And by camping I mean with our pop-up camper and on a site with water and electricity. I have never been a camper where all you have is a sleeping bag and some granola bars. That is survival training...I went camping! Mom had gone up earlier in the day and picked out a great spot (great views, yet still close enough to the bathrooms) and we set up the camper and cooked out on the open fire. I think that is one of my favorite parts about camping. The fire! (I think I could have pyro-maniac tendencies. There is something pretty cool about a campfire!) We took a walk around the campground and just enjoyed the cool, crisp and fresh air. I don't think I have ever been camping in the spring, we are summer and fall campers normally, but I really enjoyed it. It was nice to not be dying of heat as we set up the camper and worked around the fire, as you normally do in the summer, and it wasn't too cold like it can get in the fall so it was nearly perfect. Only issue was Kevin had a little trouble since it is still pollen season, but it seems to be nearly over and he took some allergy meds and was fine. 
Saturday morning mom and dad had to be somewhere so Kev and I slept in snuggled up in the warm camper since the morning air was so cold outside and then went for a hike after it had warmed up some. In the afternoon, Mom and Dad were back with Betsy and the boys for an afternoon and evening of hiking, more campfire building, hot dog & corn of the cob cooking and S'more making. The perfect camping experience. Then we read the weather report on Kevin's  phone. Oh the joys of the modern age, here we are camping and enjoying nature (Although, we still had easy access to electricity, water and the public restrooms, I've gone to the bathroom everywhere-literally I have been all over the world and in some horrible restrooms-but I still don't think I could do the go in the wild, or at least not very easily. I like a toilet, even if I do have to cover it with paper before I will get near it! I believe in a designated space for taking care of that sort of thing.) O.K. sorry for the rambling, back to the point...we saw the report of rain in the forecast, and lots of it. So we decided to cut our losses (we had paid for two nights) and go ahead and pack up tonight. The worst part about camping is taking everything back down again, especially in the rain! So we closed up camp and headed up to mom and dads for the night and just had a slumber party there instead! I have a few pictures on my camera but the best ones where on Betsy's camera and I am writing this on her computer so here are a few pictures from our weekend. 


Carrie said...

oh, Zion looks so carefree in that last one! Great pics!
I guess you guys would have been gone by the time we got up there anyway..but I do want to head up there sometime too. My FIL has an RV so maybe sometime we can get all of us up there and hang out. I have never been "camping" or "survival training" in any form or fashion ha.

Kelsey and Travis said...

Wish I was there!!! T was survival camping last weekend at the same time. It was with boy scouts on an Island of the coast of Kenya almost to the border of Somalia. I was most scared that some Somali pirates would show up as they took the little dow took him from mainland to the Island.