Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dallas weekend trip

Posing on the gate with Mary!
At the birthday party Saturday night!
Playing by the fountain!
Mary fixed my hair and I had on makeup-it's a miracle!
Getting ready to head to church!
Mary & I

Me and my baby sister Mare-Mare
Lindsey (one of Mary's rommates) me and Mary

Being silly by the fountain-we have WAY TOO MUCH FUN with the camera!
Hanging on for dear life-the gate kept moving and was freaking me out!!
My model pose on the gate

Posing with the balloons!Heading to the pool!Me, Alecia, Grant and Mary
Mary, Me and Collin

That Thursday, March 5th, I flew to Dallas to visit with my baby sister Mary. She is living involved in a Christian Dance program there and loving every minute of it! She had a special presentation that she was doing that Friday night (There were 10 different dances-all nine trainees in the program and had to pick out a song-choreograph a dance to it and then have a sermon to go along with it at the end-then the 6 company members did one song all together.) I was very impressed. God is really working through these girls. I especially loved Marys-and I am not biased at all!! I really do love to see my sisters dance. God has really blessed them with an amazing talent. I can really feel God moving through them as they dance, and I always enjoy their choreography. (I don't know if they realize what an amazing gift it is that God has given them, but it really is awesome to see!) Saturday we got to see my cousin Collin and his wife Alecia and their little baby Grant. I hadn't met him yet and he is a doll!!! Saturday night there was a surprise birthday party for one of the girls so I went along to that and had fun playing Dance Dance Revolutions and Guitar hero-I still am horrible!!! Sunday after church we walked along the nice trails they have at their apartment complex (and took some fun pictures) and laid out at the pool. They have got a REALLY nice set up there. What a great place to live! We were going to go see my other cousin Meredith, but she was feeling sick and her roommate had Strep-I wasn't risking that so told her I loved her over the phone and that I would come by next time I was in Dallas!! After a busy and fun-filled weekend I flew home Sunday evening-Mary lives about 7 minutes from the airport-talk about convenient!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

I got to see all these pictures already, but I wanted to leave you a comment, just because. You are adorable! I love the picture of you two laughing... I just love my little sisters!