Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life at the beach house in Salvador!

Well, I tried to do several posts yesterday, but everytime I was finished the internet would cut out before I clicked the "post"button so I decided to give it a rest and try again today. Friday morning we got up early and came over to their beach house. Which is actually where Flavia grew up for the first 10 or so years of her life. I think she said they bought the city apartment about 6 years ago. It is really nice here. It is very open. In the the bedrooms and bathrooms their are ceilings, but otherwise it is just open all the way to the wood beam and roof tile which is beautiful, but very hot, and lots of little bugs get in, but there are no windows in the house, only doors, everywhere, which are always open for the great breeze, so I guess the bugs would get in anyway. Plus, the bugs are not really that bad anyway, I think I have as much problems with bugs in my house at home as they do here, so I am just not noticing them, or they aren't that bad right now! They bedrooms all have little airconditioners that we run at night so that we don't get too hot, or for an afternoon nap! However, they ideal spot for the afternoon, or mid-morning, or anytime, nap is all the hammocks everywhere. It is so beautiful, and only about a block from the beach. We spent some time at the beach yesterday, but just went early in the morning and left by 11am and then again after 4pm so the sun wouldn't be so strong. Plus I wore 55SPF, a coverup and stayed under an umbrella!!! I think I will try to post some pictures again, but most likely in a seperate post so that hopefully I can actually get this one to post before the internet cuts me off again! (That's what you get when you are bumming off the neighbor!!) Flavia's mother's family came over for the day yesterday as well and that was neat to meet everyone. Her mom, sister and her husband, and brother and his wife and daughter all came over for lunch and to hang out for the afternoon. They all live pretty close to one another so that is nice that they can get together whenever they want and this is a perfect place to do it, with all of the indoor/outdoor open areas for everyone to gather at. I will try to post up some of the pictures if the internet cooperates!

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andysbethy said...

I checked out some books about Brazil from the Library. I figured since you and Mom are there, the boys and I should study it for school. One of the things we read about was how hammocks are often used there! Canaan wants one now.
It sounds lovely ~ soothing and relaxing. Enjoy!