Monday, September 15, 2008

Update on the weekend happenings...

So here I am writing about the weekend again. I would have written earlier, I have a lot to say, but I was exhausted after the busy weekend. I will give the basic day to day breakdown of what has happened since I wrote last.

Thursday: Took my last shot of Follistem for this cycle and went shopping with my neighbor for all the things we would need to start the BOO's in our neighborhood. (I had never seen this before we moved into this neighborhood-but it is so cute-you put together a litte gift bag/basket of fall/halloween stuff and drop it off at a neighbor's house w/o letting them see you. In it is also instructions to do the same thing and a sign to put on their door that they have been BOO'd. The goal is to hopefully have everyone in the neighborhood get a gift before Halloween.

Friday: I took my HCG shot (which is what is supposed to make me ovulate) on Friday morning around 11AM at work. I ended up with an allergic reaction to something in the shot and a fairly large area around where I took the shot was red and really sore and eventually it itched. It is doing much better this morning and so all is well that ends well. (I hope I do get pregnant on this one so that I don't have to take it again, but I did ask the Dr. about it and she said that they could give me a different one so that hopefully it wouldn't give me that reaction again next time if we have to try this again.) Honestly I don't really remember what else I did on Friday, besides I did watch the season finale of Monk & Psych.

Saturday: We had an early start this morning with a trip over to the Perimeter office for our Dr. and Kevin had his appointment at 8:45 to give his sample. (He had a high count last time, but was record breaking this time with 101 million, they need at least 5 million-surely this is going to work!!!) Then we went over to the mall to get Kevin some Chick-fil-a for breakfast and walk around a bit because I was due back at 10:45. We went back a little early and they were actually able to get me right in and do the IUI. After we were finished (around 11AM) we drove back home and got ready for Shannon and Nick's Wedding (Kevin's cousin). We got the the ceremony site around 1:30 and Kevin & I sat upstairs in the choir loft so he could get some good pictures. After the ceremony we got yelled at by someone in the church because I guess you aren't supposed to take pictures from up there or something. Aren't we rebels!! The reception was at another Catholic church in Marietta that also has a school. I think we were in the school part or youth bldg or something. The wedding was beautiful and I got to dance to YMCA, The Chicken Dance, and The Electric Slide so all the main things were covered! On the way home from the wedding we stopped at a car show that was at the corner of Barrett Pkwy & Dallas Hwy to visit with Doyle & Cecile (Kevin's grandma Micki's good friends) and their daughter & her husband & son because they have cars that they put in the show and we got to look at some really neat old cars.

Sunday: We got some work done around the house, but it is still like a war zone it is such a mess, and I worked on the BOO baskets with my neighbor-we start out with 12 baskets that they neighborhood social committee does so that hopefully enough people participate and everyone gets boo'd. I did some paint touch-up in the living room while Kevin started building a base to go at the bottom of our fireplace to cover up all the wires that are running through the wall most of the way through the house, but we couldn't run through the fireplace. Currently it is just flat-we are building up a box and I think we will tile it with slate and also use slate when we finally get to the kitchen floors and backsplash it will all work well together!!

Well, my weekend doesn't seem as busy when you type it all out as it felt while it was happening, but I was tired as well, I guess because even though I know I am feeling everyone's prayers I am still a little stressed about the whole situation. I am REALLY REALLY hoping that this works this time!! Thanks to everyone who did pray & please don't forget about me over the next two weeks. I start taking some progesterone tonight (I will take it every night) and then go in to check my levels on Friday morning, if it is high enough that will be a good sign and I will go in again the next Saturday (9/27) to take the pregnancy test!!


andysbethy said...

I love Boo bags. They are so much fun. I should start them around here! I haven't done them in years. Thanks for reminding me about them.
Let me know how they turn out in your neighborhood.

Abigail said...

praying for you friend. praying hard.